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How does the deposit work for grad photos?

For most of our grad sessions, we don't charge a sitting fee. All you pay is a $60 deposit that can be used toward an order later. If you decide not to order, we'll refund it.

Here's how it works: You have 90 days from the day of your session to use the deposit toward an order that's three months. When ordering online, your deposit will automatically be applied in your cart.

If you decide not to order photos, your deposit is refundable within 30 days. Simply return your Artona Book to our main studio within 30 days of your portrait session to receive a full refund. You can do this by visiting us in person, or by mailing it in. Our address is 353 West 7 Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 1M2.

If you aren't sure what your specific deadlines are, you can also look at page 2 of your Artona book. All the key dates related to your grad portrait session are listed there.

Once we receive your Artona Book back, our accounting team will process the refund within 2-3 weeks. If you paid the deposit by credit, we will process the refund back to the same card. If you paid by cash or debit, we will issue a cheque to the student's name and mail it to the home address. If you would like the cheque made out to a different name, please let us know when returning the booklet.

Please note that we do charge a $15 sitting fee for some universities we work with. This fee goes straight to student services and is not eligible for a refund.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here.


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