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Meet Akisha, Artona Ambassador 2021

Meet Akisha, she's a recent graduate of Terry Fox Secondary and one of our ambassadors for #Grad2021. She was heavily involved with her school, having been a part of student council since grade 10, plus the school's leadership team, Link Crew. She also loves her dog, mocha iced capps, Ms Vicky’s Jalapeño chips and is a proud plant mom of seven. A few months ago, we asked her a few questions as she was preparing to graduate. Here are some of the highlights:

How does it feel to be graduating this year?

It feels absolutely crazy to be a senior this year. I don’t feel any different than I did in grade 10, other than the fact that I can confidently find my classes now and not walk into the completely wrong classroom weeks into the semester. I’m also the reason now that grade 9’s timidly walk around the school, fearing all the chaos that surrounds them.

What advice would you give students who are just entering high school?

Join any club or team that you want!! I guarantee that you will make amazing memories. My high school experience wouldn’t be the way it was if I hadn’t been dragged along to my first student council meeting or gone to that first Model UN conference. I have made amazing friendships through the clubs I joined and they have opened so many doors and presented me with so many wonderful opportunities, including becoming an Artona ambassador.

How has Covid impacted you?

When we first entered lockdown in March, I lost my job. Although it was only a part-time job, the hard part was trying to find another when no one was hiring and was instead laying off employees. I went nearly 6 months without work, like many others.

What do grad photos mean to you and your family?

Grad photos are a way to show that my hard work these last four years have gotten me somewhere. Mine is going up on the wall, next to my sister’s. My grandparents have also requested a photo of their favourite grandchild to have in their room!

This fall, Akisha is starting BCIT’s Radio Arts and Entertainment program, with plans for a degree in communications. At least, she says, that's her plan for now ;) Congratulations Akisha, we wish you all the best!


Interested in applying for the #Grad2022 Ambassador Program? The deadline to apply has been extended! Please click here.

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