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Meet Anaam, Artona Ambassador 2021

Graduating from LA Matheson, Anaam is one of fourteen Artona ambassadors for #Grad2021. She volunteered her time at a few of our photo days in the past, so we were happy to make her part of our ambassador crew now that she's graduating. Anaam is heavily involved at her school. She's the Senior Editor in Yearbook, the Student Historian in Student Council, Team Manager in Robotics, Spirit Manager of Spirit Squad and troubleshooter in the school's tech crew. She's also involved in senior badminton and volleyball.

Outside of school, she loves listening to true crime stories, playing games with her friends and making acrylic nails, which look amazing in her grad photos 😍

Unlike our other ambassadors, Anaam had her photos taken before she officially became part of the crew. We were really happy to hear she had such a good experience:

It was an amazing experience and I had lots of fun during my photoshoot. I felt great and my photos turned out to be awesome!

After graduation, Anaam is headed to UBC in the fall. Anaam, thank you for all your help over the last couple years, we wish you all the best!

Interested in applying for the #Grad2022 Ambassador Program? We have extended the deadline to apply! Click here for all the details.

Want to congratulate Anaam on her upcoming graduation? Leave a comment below!


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