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Meet Tiffany, Artona Ambassador 2021

Graduating this week from Gleneagle Secondary school, Tiffany is the Design Executive for Student Council, an active participant of MetoWe and was the Vice President of Key Club last year. She's also an artist at heart and loves all things painting and drawing. We recently asked her a few questions about what it feels like to be graduating. Here are some of the highlights:

How would you describe your high school experience?

"Although there have been many stressful times, I’ve realized that I have grown from all of them, and that they have all taught me something about myself that I wouldn’t have known if not for the hardships. I have made so many amazing memories with everyone from various clubs, events, and classes, and I am so glad I was able to have been so involved with the school community. High school has truly been a wonderful, inspirational experience that has made me who I am now"

What advice would you give students who are just entering high school?

"Do not take school too seriously! Since your workload isn’t as large, experiment and try out new things to figure out what you like, and most importantly, have fun! I suggest you take classes that sound interesting, even if you might not know anything about the class, and be sure to get involved. Don’t be scared to join clubs, talk to people you don’t know, and sign up for sports teams! Just try putting yourself out there even if it may be out of your comfort zone - which it definitely was for me, I promise you won’t regret it"

How was your Artona experience?

"My Artona experience has been amazing. I was a bit nervous at first, but the staff made me feel super welcomed and comfortable. They let me take my time to adjust myself so I could take the perfect picture, and also guided me with poses so I wasn’t worried about what to do. Everyone was extremely friendly and kind, and there was a lot of variety within the photos taken as well so I could choose from a lot of different pictures. I also did the family session with my parents and little sister, and it was really fun too. The photographers captured our genuine laughs and it’s a very sweet memory to be able to look back at"

What do grad photos mean to you and your family? Where are you planning on putting them?

"Grad photos mean a lot to us, and my parents like to buy a picture of me each year so I can look back at them one day and go like, “oh my goodness, I’ve grown so much!” It’s really cool to be able to reflect on what you used to be like and appreciate how much you’ve grown over your school years. These grad photos are much more special because they are the last photo I’ll get taken of me and it represents the end of my high school journey. It’s something special that we will keep in our hearts and cherish. My parents plan to hang my pictures around the house, but they also are going to send digital versions of the photos to my relatives in China who can’t come see me. It’s a nice way for them to keep up with us although we live far from each other"

Tiffany plans on taking the Fashion and Technology program at Wilson School of Design at KPU. She's passionate about working to better the fashion industry and aligns with the values the program offers. Congratulations Tiffany, we wish you all the best!

Interested in applying for the #Grad2022 Ambassador Program? We have extended the deadline to apply! Click here for all the details.

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