Students and staff love Artona so much, they're getting Artona tattoos

Update: Thanks for checking out this post! In case you weren't sure, this was a fun April Fools' Day prank. Even though the tattoos themselves aren't real, the importance of grad photos and the love everyone has for what we do truly is.


Since we reopened in June 2020, one thing has been made clear grad photos matter to our students. We've always known that the photos we take are more than just photos. They are symbols of a big milestone and an important part of the overall graduation experience. Over the last few months, a growing number of 2021 grads have been showing their appreciation for what we do.

It all started with the hashtag #myartonatat on Instagram and it kind of blew up from there.

Here's Akisha from Terry Fox Secondary:

Tessa, also from Terry Fox Secondary:

Sarina from Hugh McRoberts Secondary:

Madhav from Hugh McRoberts Secondary opted for a forearm piece:

Emmily from New Westminster Secondary loved her Artonas so much, she got a small portrait on her wrist. It's bold but still subtle.

Once #myartonatat started to go viral with students, some of our staff jumped on the trend.

This is Danielle she's one of our inside sales reps and is now permanently repping the Artona brand (zoom in to see):

And Nikki, the other half of our inside sales team rocking the white ink:

Even our data team is on board.

This is David, one of our data specialists. He's only worked with us for a few months but he loves the work culture we have going and is happy he finally has an excuse to show off his biceps around the office.

This is Andre, a key member of our data team who has worked with us for about 8 years. He loves the flexibility we give him and was excited to make this his first tattoo:

Our customer service managers also couldn't say no to another tat

Sam is one of our rockstar customer service leads who manages our online support team. She loves that she gets to work from home and is proud to show off her new shoulder piece:

And then there's Melissa, our customer service manager who has been with us since 2012. Out of her 27 tattoos, she says this one is her favourite. Now it's ours too.

We're so grateful for all the support our students and staff have been showing us we really would not be here if it wasn't for you. Want to get an Artona tat? Click here for a list of local tattoo shops we recommend. And don't forget to tag us with #myartonatat :)


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