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Convocation at Simon Fraser University

Photo by Simon Fraser University

The time has finally come to officially graduate! You've waited four (or more) years for this big moment and we can't wait to capture it for you. Here's what you can expect from us at convocation in June 2023:

1. We take two photos during the ceremony

We'll take a photo of the handshake on-stage and another photo off-stage:

Cost: No sitting fee required

How to register: No need to register. You may opt-in to receive emails from us with student services.

How to order: After convocation, we'll send information to your student email address on how to access your online gallery and create an order. We sell both digital and printed images and most orders cost between $50-$150.

2. Want more photos? You can sign up to do a mini session called "4-Pose"

These sessions are just like our full portrait sessions but without the casual shots. You'll take 4 unique poses in your cap and gown with both our library and composite backgrounds. You can even take a photo with family or friends. Students love this option, since everyone will be together for the ceremony anyway!

Cost: $60 deposit + $15 sitting fee to support student services. You can pay by cash, debit or credit.

Where to find us: You can find us set up at the north side of Freedom Square

How to register: There's no need to make an appointment — students can register on the day of convocation on a first come, first served basis. Sessions will stop 30 minutes before each ceremony and resume after the ceremony finishes. Once you register, we'll hold your spot.

How to order: After your 4-pose session, you'll have access to a private online gallery so you can create an order and apply the $60 deposit like a credit. We sell both digital and printed images and most orders range between $50-$150.

Can't make it on the day of convocation? No problem! You can always book a session at our studio in Vancouver. Everything is the same as the sessions we do at the school, including the cost. To make an appointment, please visit our website here.

Congratulations graduate! We can't wait to see you on the big day.

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