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Meet the team: Tony

Everyone, meet Tony!

He’s one of the newest members of our photography team and he’s already made his way to a supervisor role. How did he get there? We sat down to talk to him about his experience at Artona so far, and he had some interesting things to share. 

Tony considers himself a hobbyist when it comes to taking photos. He started out shooting street photography and has only just begun exploring the industry. Although he had some self-doubts when he first started working with us, he says the experience of being around other photographers has been really inspiring. 

We think it’s more than that. Tony has something special to offer that we really value at our studio — he understands the students: 

“I remember when I came in for my high school session. It was like stepping into a strange land where I didn't know the customs. I felt out of place. I remember feeling so awkward in my body and in my clothes. I really feel for those kids who might share those sentiments. That experience motivates me to try to put them at ease"

Photos by Tony

Tony had some words of advice to share with students coming in for their session: Don’t be afraid to let us get to know you. Tell us about your hobbies and interests so we can create images that represent who you are.

Despite being new to the field, we think Tony is on his way to becoming a great photographer, and we're so glad to be a part of his journey!


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