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Meet Himika, Artona Ambassador 2021

Graduating this year from John Oliver Secondary, Himika is her school's student council president, editor-in-chief of the yearbook and member of the grad committee. She's also really into photography, which has made her a great addition to our ambassador crew.

Earlier this school year, we talked to Himika about what it was like to be graduating during a pandemic, what advice she has for young students and what her plans are for after grad. Here are some of the highlights:

How does it feel to be graduating this year?

It’s weird because you are doing everything for the last time. It was our last- first day of school, our last school pictures, our last spirit weeks, and probably my last time seeing a lot of the people that I have grown up with. It’s the last stretch before a road to uncertainty for some of us. I’m nervous but also excited to see what the future holds for me.

What advice would you give students who are just entering high school?

I wish I had realized sooner that if you are not confident in yourself, it will be very difficult to do anything at your fullest potential. Enjoy your first few years of high school before the workload starts to increase. Try everything at least once, even if you don’t think you will be good at it, clubs and sports are there to help you improve yourself and to help you find your passion.

Let's talk about being a grad during the pandemic. How has it impacted you?

Like almost everyone graduating this year, I find it extremely frustrating knowing that we will not get the senior year we all expected. We will not get the prom or graduation we had always dreamt of and we will not be able to enjoy - to our fullest potential - our last year together as a grad class. It has been really hard to accept our “new normal”.

[That said], I feel that i am very fortunate compared to many others. While it was hard at first, not being able to see my friends and such, I used the quarantine to my advantage. It gave me a chance to focus on myself and grow as a person. The pandemic has also given me a greater appreciation for human connection.

How was your Artona experience?

I had such a great time getting my photos taken! I came into the studio being nervous and unsure of how comfortable I would be around the camera. However, my photographer was so sweet and helped me loosen up as I was getting my photos taken. She was very patient with me and let me view my photos as they were being taken. I was also provided a mirror before each pose to make sure everything was in place. Kristal joined us soon after we had started and was nice enough to give me a tour of the studio after I finished with my photos.

After graduating next month, Himika has plans to go into business management. She loves working with others and leading them towards a greater goal. After working with her for the last nine months, we have no doubt she will go on to do great things.

Congratulations Himika, we wish you all the best!


Interested in applying for the #Grad2022 Ambassador Program? Applications are now open here.

Want to congratulate Himika on her upcoming graduation? Leave a comment below!


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